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First Responders

To help ensure your customers are getting the responses they need, Abbot encourages you to assign a First Responder for each room. The First Responders are the people who are primarily responsible for ensuring that the customer gets a prompt and helpful response. They may not be the subject matter experts, but they know how to find the right person for each question.

Assigning First Responders ensures Abbot knows who needs to be kept in the loop about the conversation. First Responders will see conversations for all their rooms on their Abbot Dashboard. If you configure Response Times, Abbot will also notify First Responders when conversations near the configured response time deadlines.

Assigning First Responders

To assign First Responders for a room, you can use the Abbot Dashboard.


You must be an Administrator in Abbot to manage First Responders.

To assign First Responders for a room, you start at the Room Settings page. Here you can search for the room you want to manage and click "Settings" to manage First Responders and other settings. If you find a room that doesn't have Conversation Tracking enabled, this is also where you can go to enable Conversation Tracking.

On the room settings page, you can view the active First Responders:

To assign a new user, just start typing in the "Search for a user…" box, and then click to select the user:

To remove a user, click the "Remove" button.

Escalation Responders

Escalation Responders are a special kind of responder. They are agents who get notified when a deadline has passed, in addition to First Responders.