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Conversation Tags

Conversation Tags are a way to categorize conversations in Abbot.

Adding tags manually

You can add tags to a conversation by clicking "Manage Tags" next to a Conversation in the Activity page:

Adding tags via AI

If you enable "AI Enhancements" in your Organization settings, Abbot will attempt to automatically tag incoming conversations based on the content of the message.


AI tagging is performed using OpenAI models hosted by Microsoft on Azure, not the public API, and is currently in beta. If AI Enhancements are enabled, Abbot will send messages it receives to the Azure OpenAI service for analysis. See Microsoft's Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service document for privacy and other information.

Abbot will attempt to tag conversations with sentiment and topic tags. For example, conversations with negative sentiment will be tagged sentiment:negative, and conversations about billing will be tagged topic:billing. This is a preview feature, so please feel free to reach out to us at or in Slack Connect with feedback!