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The Conversation Timeline

Abbot maintains a Timeline for each Conversation, capturing all the events that happened during the life of that conversation.

Accessing the Timeline

Using the Message Shortcut

The easiest way to access the Conversation timeline is via the "Manage Conversation" message shortcut. To access this, press the "triple-dot" menu for a message and select the "Manage Conversation" shortcut

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 3 50 41 PM

You may need to select "More message shortcuts…" to find the shortcut.

If the message is not part of a conversation, you'll get an error message:

If the message is part of a conversation, you'll get some options. The specific options you see depends on the features enabled for your account, and what Integrations you have configured. The first option, "View this conversation on", is always present and will take you straight to the Conversation Timeline

From the Web UI

You can also open a conversation timeline by finding the conversation in the Conversation List and clicking on the title.

What's on the Timeline?

The timeline captures several different types of events:

  • Messages posted in the thread
  • Transitions between states
  • Linked tickets created by integrations, such as the Zendesk Integration