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What are Playbooks?

Playbooks are a powerful workflow and automation tool for managing your relationships with customers. Use Playbooks to automate customer onboarding steps, set up trial rooms in Slack, and more.

A Playbook consists of one or more triggers used to start the Playbook, and a series of Action steps that are executed when the Playbook is triggered. Each step can be configured to perform a specific action, such as creating a new Slack channel, sending a message to a channel, or even inviting a customer to a shared Slack Connect channel.


Triggers are the events that start a Playbook. For example, a Playbook can be triggered when a reaction is added to a message, a customer is created, or via a webhook.

The following triggers are currently supported:

  • Abbot Added to Channel - Runs when Abbot joins a channel.
  • Conversation Overdue - A conversation is overdue for a reply.
  • Conversation Started - A conversation was started by a customer.
  • New Customer Created - A new customer record is created in Abbot.
  • Run Playbook Button - Add a Run Playbook button to the Playbook list page to run this Playbook manually.
  • Reaction Added - Runs when a reaction is added to a message.
  • Schedule - Runs on the specified schedule.
  • Negative Sentiment - Runs when AI classifies a conversation as having negative sentiment.
  • Ticket Linked - Runs when a ticket (Zendesk, HubSpot, etc.) is linked to a conversation.
  • Ticket Status Changed - Runs when a linked ticket status changes.
  • Webhook - Runs when a POST or PUT request is sent to the Playbook's webhook URL.


Actions are the steps that are executed when a Playbook is triggered. Actions are executed in order.

  • Notify Responders - Notifies the first responders for a channel in its Hub or in a DM.
  • Create Channel for Customer - Creates a channel for a customer using the customer name and chosen prefix.
  • Invite to Slack Connect - Creates a Slack Connect channel and invites a user to it.
  • Send Slack Poll - Sends a Slack poll to a channel.
  • Request Approval in Slack - Requests an approval from one of any number of approvers in Slack.
  • Send Message - Posts a message in a channel.
  • Continue If - Runs the next step of the Playbook if a certain condition is met.
  • Create Customer - Creates a Customer in Abbot.
  • If - Branches the Playbook based on a condition.
  • Run Skill - Runs a Skill in a channel.
  • Wait - Pauses the Playbook for the specified duration.